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The"quick-find" directory of tools, web sites, software, and scripts for Internet Entrepreneurs that will make your online life easier.

Domain Name Registration

Dotster  - Save over 50% registering your domain name (Only $15/year instead of Network Solutions' $35) We use Dotster for all of our domain registration needs.

GoDaddy - Another popular domain registrar with low rates

Website Hosting

iPowerWeb - Special Hosting Offer $7.95/mo and Free Setup

Your-Site Hosting - Fast, Reliable Web Hosting - $5.00/mo

PowWeb Hosting - $7.77/month

FreeHostingWeb - Stop paying monthly fees - Starting at $8.95/month

Website Automation Software

Here is a list of good autoresponders solutions you can take a look at… They all let you send out personalized, multiple follow-up email when someone first subscribes, and you can also send out "broadcast" emails to your entire list in addition to the autoresponder messages. - Very dependable multiple autoresponder and newsletter list broadcast system. This is considered by many to be the most dependable autoresponder service. It can handle hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and provides detailed stats about your list. - The world's most feature-packed autoresponder

World Merge - Get WorldMerge, and send personalized email to your targeted contact lists in minutes. Great way to send email mailings to customers, newsletter subscribers, and any other lists. Download your free copy today

Free List Servers

Improve Search Engine Ranking

Word Tracker - Use this service to find out what words others are using to search for your product. Once you know that, you can increase your search engine hits by focusing on those keywords.

WebPosition Gold - Want to increase your WebSite Traffic? WebPosition Gold makes it easy to monitor your search positions & to improve your rankings. This is a very comprehensive program that really takes the "guesswork" out of getting high-ranked listings. Check it out. - "User-Friendly" website for search engine submissions. Lots of free services, and other good stuff is available if you make a small "donation".

Associate Program Software

GroundBreak Complete associate program software


Directory of Ezines - Find your perfect customer fast with the "premiere" research site for buying and selling ezine ads

Hiring Programmers/Web Designers/Writers, etc.

Elance - Freelance Project Database - The world's largest database of "for hire" web designers, graphic designers, website programmers, writers, software creators - You describe it, and somebody will do it for you! (And for great prices)

Ad Tracking Software

Lets you know what specific ads and offers people are responding to. This is very important to your online success, you have to know what works and what doesn't.

HyperTracker - Never lose a dime in lost advertising revenue again! Our ingenious tool will track and monitor all of your campaigns, and tell you which advertising campaigns are bringing in the sales, whilst the rest are just useless hits.


Killer Ebook Covers - If you're selling an Ebook, having a great looking graphic picture of your Ebook can increase sales (it makes it seem "real" to the customer. These guys can make your cover for you, and they do excellent work, check out their samples... This is my top recommendation for Ebook covers, the quality is higher than anything else I've seen.

DynamiteCovers - This company also creates Ebook covers. They offer slightly more variety (like report covers, CD-Rom covers), so if you need something a little more unusual, check them out.

eBookGold - Create Ebook products that can sell like hotcakes. Boggled is a software product that turns HTML pages into a downloadable executable file - perfect for creating Ebook presentations.

Alexa - If you haven't already downloaded and tried it, do it now - get the edge on looking "behind the scenes" of websites - get the crucial info you need to create Joint Ventures with the right people online in the right way. This is a very powerful tool for "competitive surveillance" and for finding the decision makers to contact for JV's. If you've been reading our past WebCasts, you know how to use it to your maximum advantage.

eBay - Make money buying & selling - Make money buying and selling. Do some searches through their marketplace to get a "feel" for what people are looking for, and what they're willing to pay.

3rd Party Credit Card Processing

3rd Part Merchant Account Solutions - These companies will process your credit card orders for you. They take a higher percentage per sale, but if you're just getting started, they may be your best bet because there are no long-term contracts or expensive software/terminals to buy.

Clickbank (for non-tangibles) You can use Clickbank to process your orders *and* they have a built-in associate program for you to have others link to you. Also - You can become an associate of Clickbank's and sell other people's products for a percentage of the profits as well. - For tangible items only. There is no setup fee, and they charge around 8-9% in fees, which is very reasonable for 3rd party processing.

PayPal - Not just for private transactions anymore - You can now use PayPal to process orders for your online business. One of the benefits of PayPal is that it is a very widely known company, which inspires trust on the side of the consumer. - A couple big benefits of using iBill is: 1) They provide recurring billing for subscription sites, and also help you manage your subscription members, and 2) have an associate program built in... Meaning that people who want to promote your product can sign up through iBill to advertise your product, and iBill will handle tracking their sales and paying them.

Your Own Merchant Account

To get your own merchant account, go to
for your best options. (This is the "direct source" that some 3rd party merchant services are reselling at a higher price. Go to the source!)

Voice Mail, Fax, and Call Services (previously JFax) for voicemail and fax numbers delivered to your email as attachments. Especially if you are running your Internet business from your home, this will help turn your spare room into a "virtual office" without having to add extra phone lines, etc.

Download Manager

Email Reader Programs - This is the program we use. It allows message filtering, multiple mailboxes and multiple personalities, "canned response" emails you can send out to common questions, etc.

Download Sites

Search Engines & Research (To Search Newsgroup Postings - This is a GREAT research tool, because it's uncensored access to what anyone says about a topic)

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